Biomass Supplier – Ways to exploit Renewable Energy Sources

The energy obtained from burning organic matter like fuel wood is known as biomass. It is considered as a renewable source of energy therefore using it is preferred. Though biomass releases more carbon emissions as compared to coal but it is used since it can be replenished as compared to non-renewable source like coal. The suppliers supplying these fuelwoods are known as biomass suppliers. They need to maintain certain quality so that the carbon emission doesnot occur above the prescribed level.

Biomass suppliers basic details

  • The biomass supplier states that the biomass suppliers must comply with certain standards. One of them is the land criteria. It must meet the requirements as stated by 5th July 2015 or else their authorization can be revoked.
  • Your wood chip biomass fuel supply must meet certain standards. They are as follows:

› the emission of the greenhouse gas must not be more than 60%. It is a step against pollution and           protecting fossil fuel.

› the UK Timber Standard for heat and electricity has set a new land criterion. It must meet this standard.

  • All the woods must be from forests which are sustainable and responsible. It must be certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
  • The sustainable aspect must be ensured, which is to achieve balance among economic, environmental and social interest categories.
  • They can claim the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payment only when the fuel in the biomass boiler meets the sustainability criteria.

Application procedure

To register to the biomass supplier list (BSL) you must read the documents and guidance properly and then register so that you know what kind of application you want to apply for. They welcome any application related feedback, you can also contact them for any queries or problems. You can mail them or call them on their official number. Be very sure of scams as they mail you with any embedded link or showing a specific amount due. If you receive any such email and you are suspicious about it feel free to contact the BSL Administrator. Also, their help desk is open 24*7.


The merits of using biomass is as follows:

  • Initial costs maybe high but advantageous to environment in the long run. Also,there is almost no maintenance cost.
  • They forest can be regrown and the energy can be replenished unlike coal. When demand increases the rates of afforestation shall be increased to.
  • If it qualifies the prescribed standard then it harms the environment less. Thus, it is important to choose a good biomass supplier. Also the supplier must be trained well or else he fuel he would produce might generate more greenhouse gases than coal.

Government of many countries are trying to replenish and exploit this renewable source of energy therefore they are at times selling biomass boiler at a discounted price. The installation is almost free. So that non-renewable energy sources can be protected. The users are also being trained to use and supply quality fuel wood by professionals