Intuit, the quintessential success story in the Silicon Valley software industry with a remarkable contribution in giving a makeover to old and worn out face of the 19th-century accountancy, has bestowed the accounting community with reducing the time-consuming paper-based and manual worksheets preparation job and making it a user-friendly digital phenomenon. Not too surprisingly, Intuit’s or for that matter any Silicon Valley juggernaut’s success owes its growth to a rapid breakthrough in the Information technology. The dawn of the internet and the spectacular advancements in the computer hardware paraphernalia like printers, fax, and scanners during the era of baby boomers had marked the usher in of a new era for digital accounting (QuickBooks Errors). Intuit’s astute creators leveraged on the same and created what is today a $ 4.19 billion tech giant.

QuickBooks, one of many Intuit brands with a subscription base of over 1.5 million, has been commanding the accounting community’s adulation and accolades for quite some time now. QuickBooks’s services like “Creating estimates”, “Tracking of time and projects”, “Invoice Preparation”, “Online Tracking of expenses”, and “getting financial reports” have turned people’s choice in its favor. Further, Intuit has rolled out its new product ” quickbooks support phone number ” which exclusively caters to a burgeoning rise of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

To connect the dots between a sprawling spectrum of brands and user base worldwide, an equally diverse support service is a key necessity that Intuit has acknowledged and entrusted itself into. And to make it successful, it has pooled in its Intuit Customer Support resources to retain its users. Commencing its journey with its maiden product “Quicken” in 1983, which garnered a new hope for accountancy in its quaint days, Intuit did get bloated with issues that its product carried with itself. A topsy-turvy progress then followed with loopholes eradication and momentum gain by launching TurboTax, Payroll, and QuickBooks.

When one searches on Google for “QuickBooks common issues”, which show up on one’s screen in a flick of seconds, it wouldn’t take so long to decide where to glean from. Though to name a few, here are some issues that possibly every rookie user has sought assistance for, at one time or another, from Intuit Customer Support:

• Software installation / Software Setup.

• MS Outlook integration and importing Data to Excel.

• Resolve errors around payment screen.

• Support to generate accurate PF, PT, ESI, and TDS report.

• Data back-up and Restoration of QuickBooks.

• Synchronization of QuickBooks with Microsoft Office.

To delight its user base of millions, Intuit has plenty to offer on its customer service package. With easy connectivity to the internet and mobile phones, Intuit has made sure that the users could reach its technical support via any medium they find convenient. The following support services will help users to receive the assistance they have been looking for.

Text Your Problem: Intuit provides “Ask Your Query”/”Submit Your Question” platform on each of its Online Community the users are connected with. The communities like TurboTax community, Quicken community, Intuit Payroll community and Intuit QuickBooks community can be subscribed to free of cost. Quicken and TurboTax have their dedicated websites where users can search for any sort of services they need. So how this support does really works? No rocket science. The user just has to submit his/her query and wait for the responses from other users to get posted.

On Call support: To guide users with a quick assistance through remotely accessed diagnosis, Intuit has provided expert support numbers for Quicken, Payroll, and QuickBooks. The phone support is available only during the weekdays.

Independent Support: Apart from the Intuit Support, users have many alternatives in the form of the third party intuit customer support companies. To entice customers, on top of attractive premium plans, round the year discount schemes are provided. They claim to provide prompt, 24×7 round the clock, and on demand remotely accessed diagnosis to their subscribed customers.

This is a common and notorious error recurring for the users of QuickBooks Pro. There are various evolving reasons for this issue which makes it difficult to handle this error. At first there are one or two annoying dialogue boxes which appear while running QuickBooks Pro but with time the frequency of this pop message will increase and also adversely affect the running of your desktop.

We recommend handling this situation as soon as possible before it deeply corrupts your system files. This will ultimately result in loss of important files and data and in extreme cases the complete desktop system.

Why am I facing this Error Code 80029C4A?

There are two main reasons for why you might be facing this issue. Either you have downloaded a pirated or corrupt version of QuickBooks Pro from a false website or seller, or program files for the software are incomplete or deleted from the desktop. In other cases it is simply due to error or malware presence in your computer that is interfering with the launch of QuickBooks Pro.

This error in persistent in certain operating systems which include Windows 10, 8, 7, 2000 to XP, Vista and ME.

How do I solve this Error Code 80029C4A?

Due to the unknown nature of this error it is recommended that the user figure out the start of this error, from it occurs and how many times does it appear on desktop. By figuring out the frequency of the error it becomes easier to tackle this problem and take steps to prevent it in future.

There are various steps involved in the prevention of Error Code 20029C4A. Before starting with the given set of solutions make sure that your desktop is fully charged and the hardware is not malfunctioning.

What are the steps to solve Error Code 80029C4A?

For solving this issue, the user not only has to pay attention to the program files and systems involved in the launch of QuickBooks Pro but also the desktop and hardware materials. Use the following set of instructions to solve this problem and start using QuickBooks Pro with ease.

For first step, Open your registry entries and repair the ones which are associated with QuickBooks Pro Error 80029C4A.

For the second step, do a complete scan of your computer to detect and hidden malware material.

For the third step, clean your system junk and follow it with a full “Disk Cleanup”.

For the fourth step, go to your control panel and update Device Drivers on your computer. Make sure they are fully running.

For the fifth step, “Undo” all the recent system changes made to Windows System Restore.

For the sixth step, attempt uninstalling and then reinstalling QuickBooks Pro which are often affected by Error 80029C4A.

For the seventh step, run the “Windows System File Checker” to look for any malware.

For the eighth step, check latest updates offered in Windows Updates and all those are available, install them.

For the final step, if your error is still persistent on desktop then it is recommended to perform a reinstallation of Windows.


Wi-Fi, a daily requirement in present day situation comes with a cost and is always password protected. One will like to hack Wi-Fi Password of others but with a password protection and there is no possible way to access the same and complete the stuck work.

People wonder if there are possible ways to access the unknown Wi-Fi without providing the password. This needs to hack Wi-Fi Password., or are some probable answers that comes with expertise and experience in the field. They are team with specializing of breaking Wi-Fi Password.

These are online tools that don’t require any downloading and are user friendly. However this shouldn’t be used for any means of stealth as its illegal.

How does Wi-Fi Passer work?

The Wi-Fi Passer team are group of engineers extensively use Linux and other operating system and flash knowledge on bios for router. While on one hand this helps to hack Wi-Fi Password on the other hand its about keeping own system safe from hack attacks. It updates on password status if too weak or have poor format of encryption.

Correctly Using Wi-Fi Password Hacker:

  • Entering the name of desired network to hack
  • Entering the City Location of the Network
  • Selection of a server which is hacked from the option list
  • Option to select from Proxy or VPN servers for security purpose
  • Allowing time to the process of hacking
  • Waiting for password decoding by decryption based algorithms
  • Receiving the password in decrypt form
  • Password given to be used for the Particular Wi-Fi Connection

Requirement for hacking:

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi Device and External Adapter for Wi-Fi
  2. Linux OS- Kali

Hardware Requirement:

  • Hacking Wi-Fi network calls for external adapter for Wi-Fi. To hack Wi-Fi Password with less security, one has to use a USB wireless adapter in plug-n-play form TP-LINK TL-WN722n
  • Alfa AWUSO36NH with an antenna is required to cover a wide range network with better wireless adapter.
  • One needs the usage of TP-LINK TL –ANT2424B 2.4GHz24dBi to hack an extreme range of Wi-Fi Network

Wi-FI Phisher:

A tool with security facility mounting automatic attacks of fishing nature opposite to WPA network for acquiring secret passwords for a selected Wi-Fi. It calls for 3 phases:

  1. 1st Phase –
  • Deauthentication of the victim from the point of access
  • Jamming all targeted Wi-Fi point of access available in the range by transporting deauth items to users from point of access.
  • Discovering network available in the point of access range
  • Altering point of access of devices by the major server and broadcasting address with deauth items
  • Generates fake point of access
  1. 2nd Phase-
  • Phase where Point of access is being joined by Victim
  • Authentication password id required and , whereas the tool copies credential in backdrop
  • Copying target point of access, creating rogue access
  1. 3rd Phase –
  • A Real config-looking router is served to victim, with minimal employment of Web-server

Thus there are different modes to hack Wi-Fi Password