How Do you Survive a Disaster and Manage to Stay Alive

Claude Davis seems to be very much familiar with what he has written for you and me. This is purely about the survival techniques to get the food, shelter and the clothing when you are met with a disaster. Of course it won’t be you or me alone, rather it could be the entire community, city, the state or the entire nation. People who have gone through the economic crisis of 1929, the oil crisis in 1973 and other subsequent disasters had no clue about how to survive such tough times. There were instances of people pushing their cars through many miles before they found a gas station with stock.

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Human Survival – the Price to Pay

Once the crisis takes control over the nation, it is highly impossible for communities, families and individuals to do anything about the situation.  In such circumstances you’ll need a handbook that helps you survive the crisis and look for means to sustain your livelihood. You might have several questions running in your mind right now about how someone will be able to predict such a crisis. Well the economic disaster of 1929 and the fuel crisis in 1973 came when the people in the USA were least prepared for them. The market crashed within a span of weeks and the dollar value went to the launders. The people had to pay a price by sacrificing their basic needs like transportation and power. Food supplies were rationed and the large families had to bear the brunt of the crisis for no fault of their.

The looming crisis in the present era of 2017 cannot be measured, just like the ones in the 1900s. But there are many visible signs of fierce market competition by China, India and other emerging nations from Asia. This is not to say they might have hostile attitude towards the countries like the US, Canada and other European nations. But a tough competition in the stock markets could easily push the nations to a brink of crisis. This could give rise to a situation where all the global nations have to face the brunt of economic crisis. In such circumstances the people will have to pay the ultimate price of competition by their national leaders. Go here to read more.

Human Survival – Basic Techniques

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The basic techniques of human survival include hunting and food gathering, finding a safe shelter and protective clothing for the self and the family. The question of finding a house might be almost out of the equation as the rentals might have gone beyond affordable range. This is the rime when the common folks will be forced to migrate to unknown territories. The chances of getting regular food supplies also might diminish and the clothes we carry may also not be sufficient. In such cases we need to know how to preserve water, food and other essentials for longer periods of time. Go here to learn more about the fundamentals of human survival and sustenance during disaster and crisis.